Hello! My name is Maegan and I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Although I ventured out of state for undergrad, I moved back for grad school and currently call OKC home. As an occupational therapist, I work with all walks of life, but I feel my calling is working with children that have developmental disabilities. I also have a passion for missions, both local and global. I enjoy traveling, hiking, running, reading, binging on Netflix and eating at some of OKC’s finest restaurants (Empire Slice, Teds and Braums). When I was younger I got in trouble a lot for being too competitive; however, as I’ve aged my competiveness usually only surfaces with Sooner football and Thunder basketball.

I’ve personally experienced Christ change my heart and give me a new perspective on life. I know without a doubt Jesus is the Son of God and I believe I’m saved through Him by faith. Although I strive to be His hands and feet, I daily fall short and I’m beyond thankful that I’m saved by grace and not by works. I’m a true introvert so speaking out and sharing my feelings in groups has never been my thing. This blog is just a way for me to be more vulnerable with others by sharing personal experiences of how God’s changed me and hopefully provide some kind of insight and comfort to others.